A Year Behind These Eyes

I've decided to write a daily blog. This is something I have struggled to keep up with in the past. I want to challenge myself more this year! I want to push myself to the next level. Not just with my streaming, boutique, and fitness...but also with my mental health, consistency, and dreams. Life is not about working till you die, rather it is about living with passion and remembering to have fun. This is why I have gotten into gaming more. With that came so much more than anticipated. A community I love, new found passion, and an outlet for my creative side. Thank you so much to everyone for making this possible for me! You are all changing my life, and I hope I can pay back just a small amount of motivation and love you give me every day! Stay strong and keep moving forward! Make this the best year of your life this far.........with many more amazing ones to come!! <3


Jacqueline AKA Pinky

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