Dealing With Anger

Anger, what a bitch right!? We all have it, yet spend so much energy pretending we don't because it is not socially acceptable. It isn't socially accepted to even have feelings in general in some situations. We all know this to be true!

How do you deal with your anger? Are you the type to meditate, are you a gym rat, do you drink daily, maybe you love sex or shopping? The point is if you are trying to deal with you anger by covering it up with an addiction of any kind you need to start looking for a different outlet. I myself have been working very hard on getting rid of all my addiction. Even working out too much can be an addiction. I would just go from one to the next. Be crazy about my health and working out, or obsessive about the gym and then hanging with friends. Later it was going out all the time and "living lifeeeeee to its fullest"! Balance is all that matters. Once you find balance you will feel your anger slowly melt away. Because in balance you find true happiness. 

Let me explain! You can't never not go out and have fun, you can't not workout, you can't never eat a carb again, you can't never have a drink again. These extremes just also put you in a box. You need to find freedom in self love, balance, and fun! Even in a relationships people can go to extremes for their partner and never receive real love in return. That isn't balance and causes anger. Yeah you can go to the gym every day till you aren't mad anymore, but when you go home and deal with the same situation again the smallest thing will set you off. I'll be the one that says need to communicate your needs and give that person a chance to show up for you. If they don' need to leave!!!!! Balance equals happiness. I have spent the last 3 years on this and still have anger, but I am learning to control it more with balance, understanding, and self awareness! You can to, and I truly believe you got it! 


Jacqueline aka Pinky

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