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I can not be more excited to launch my new and approved website for everyone today. I wanted my first blog post to be on launch day so I could feel the excitement of all my hard work come to life. If I told you where I was 10 years ago you wouldn't even believe me. I have pushed past every obstacle, hit every curve ball, cried a lot, got back up, and kept going until I reached this goal! Anything is possible when you love yourself, try your hardest, have fun, and believe in yourself 365! I will be blogging about my journey, fitness goals, life hacks, lessons, and so on that I deal with everyday. I will speak about how I overcome depression and anxiety all the time. How I set goals and reach them. But most importantly, about how no one is perfect and everyone stumbles. No one shows that side of their journey. Makes it difficult for people to stay motivated thinking they're the only ones failing. You are not! Everyone is having a hard time right now. Let's get through it together with some positivity and laughter! xoxo Follow my twitter for daily quotes, inspiration, and love @Pinksportsnut! 



Jacqueline aka Pinky 

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