I went away, and I feel like every time I go on vacation (even if it's a mini one) I come back a little different! I'm always learning from everything around me. From the driver on the road and learning patience, to sitting in nature and soaking up what life is truly about. This last trip happened to be the only trip my brothers and I have ever taken alone. It was such a wonderful time. I loved seeing how different yet how much they have stayed the same over all this time. We are who we are is what I learned from that. Never try to change who you are! Do you want to be better, move forward in life, and work on parts of you that you don't like? Of course, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrificing who you truly are. I have recently been sent someone that has taught me a lot in such a little time, and the main thing I have learned is even if it doesn't feel like it....there are people out there that love you for exactly who you are! You have people like that to, but if you can't see them right now find that love in yourself and God will send you your angel as well!! Have an amazing week everyone!!!! 

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