Hello, and thank you for checking out my page. My passion is healing and helping people. I not only have a background in art but also physical health, cosmetology, herbs, and makeup artistry in NYC. I am a Yoga, Zumba, and Kickboxing instructor who truly believes that with the combination of SELF LOVE, healthy eating, physical movement, crystals, herbs, self care, oils, and meditation you can cure many illnesses such as muscle pain, head aches, depression, anxiety, and so on in a more natural way. I myself almost died about 10 years ago while I was surfing, and the medications they put me on after made so many more issues for my future. I now live a healthy  life style and have never been more connected to myself, dedicated to my happiness, or driven to learn and heal more. Control of your energy and mind and you can change your life. Live FREE by being YOURSELF! #loveyourself #GetUpGetMoving #youniquemermaids #JacquelineFaye WELCOME!!!!

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